Sunday, November 9, 2014

Good Investigators

Because of the baptism that happened last week we had some awesome things happen. As missionaries we are encouraged to encourage the family to invite all there non-member families to the Baptism. At the baptism son (Lorenzo) of Mother who had her children baptized, who is less-active, came with his partner (Jodene, still not sure how to spell her name). Turns out that she is interested in learning about the Restored Gospel! We had a lesson this week with her, and got to know her and her partner. We had Brother from the ward with us as well. We wanted to talk a bit about the BoM, however  our member got us on the subject of the temples.. Not really where we where planning on going but, it was still good.Much was learned and questions where answered. We invited Jodene to be baptized if she came to know that the Book of Mormon is true... and she said yes! So now we have a lot to teach, has come 2 church twice all ready, and we are hoping and praying that she will embrace the Book of Mormon with open arms and let it build her testimony of Christ.

Semati, Sister Guay's (Pronounced "nauway" But the end sound is in the back of the throat"  Tongan for ya) partner, is also investigating, he has been to church as well 3 times now. He is a bit quiet so it can be difficult to teach when they don't give you a whole lot of feed back about what is being taught! But still though, we know that he is sincere because he explained to us that he was going to inform his parents, who are devout Catholics that he would like to be baptized as well. It is out of respect for them. We still have a lot to go over with them though as he hasn't been taught directly though yet. He sat in on many of the lessons that Jared and Mia had together apparently, so he has had a chance to become at least been introduced. 

Both of these families need to be married however... but that is easy to take care of though because our Bishop is really onto that stuff. Elder Fougerous and I have been getting along great! We have had some great things happen as well. There are a few other people that we are currently teaching as well, or seeking to teach as they are interested, or have children who have not been baptized yet. It can be difficult as people are very busy! I guess you can say it's a work in progress but they will be on board one day in the near future

My area is actually quite small.My last area was quite large we did a lot of biking and big hills to climb! This area is smaller and  flat. It is actually quite close to the shore line.As we bike we can see the jetties or bays, I guess to can call them behind homes. It's not clean water, just muddy wetlands, I will have to get a few pictures. 

Lot's of Less-Active members. Often times, we meet people who where baptized as children, however grew up and went their own way and joined other churches. Most of the time they are not interested, but sometimes of course they want to come back and have unbaptized children like in the case Sister Guay.

Let me know if you guys still got questions. I don't think I really understand what it's like to be getting my e-mails and to try and learn what is happening in my life. Let me know if there is something I could talk about more often and clearly. 

Also, do you guys still have the tandem bike?

Look's like Halloween was fun, Eric with the Charmander costume was great. Oh a classic indeed. They must be growing so much! The potato head costume must have been great! That is probably the best costume ever. Nice and warm inside.. Halloween isn't to big hear in NZ. It is just starting up actually. No one, and I mean no one had decorations up for it. But there where kids out trick or treating. There weren't and flash costumes or anything like that, some face paint and maybe a mask with a weapon. They didn't get nearly as much candy as we do in the states!

So the pictures are of a feed we had at Tongan Families home. That is a fried green banana with coconut cream on it. There is also a dish called "Raw Fish" on the plate. I love it. and it actually has chucks of raw fish in it. Pretty chewy! And Chop Sui, noodles and rice with soy sauce. And of course the green is meat wrapped up in a Taro Leaf. It is wrapped in tin foil and then baked. It is very good! If it isn't cooked right the leaf will actually irritate your tongue. They call it an "itchy tongue". I had it once at a members home, it was pretty interesting. It wasn't terribly painful but certainly uncomfortable. Had to just smile and eat more. :D

And then also our members love us.... they knocked on our door one evening while we where in the flat planning and they gave us 8 of these cones! I was happy.

I love you all so much!

Take Care,
Love Elder Ward

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