Sunday, November 23, 2014

Beautiful Flowers

I will certainly be missing the Fomby's. I probably mentioned it several times, that I really liked listening to Pres Fomby give talks. I learned a lot form him. I was looking forwards to returning home and saying hello again.

Something that I have noticed is that in the past my testimony has often leaned slightly on others. I have noticed or recognized that on my mission. Sometimes we lean on others to get the motivation that we need to "keep our faith up I guess".  Something that I am taking away from my mission is having my own testimony that I can hold up on my own. It is be great to have bright testimonies shared by others, but ultimately I need to have confidence and faith in my own testimony. I don't bring this subject up as a concern, but more as something that I have come to know and learn. I have learned so much on mission it truly has been a blessing!

Well for this week Elder Fougerouse and I where very busy. And I loved it! We have some really wonderful investigators. Semati came to church. He is planning on being baptized on the 19th of Dec along with there Daughter in Law Jodie is also a wonderful investigator. They could be baptized now..... But there are a few things to work out such as Marriage, and also they are going on a trip to Samoa, or at least part of the family will be. you can't baptize them with out the family being there! We have been teaching the quite consistently now. Our evenings are often very busy. Also Fernancis has been doing well. Another soon to be Daughter in Law as well. She has been very interested, but she is very shy in the lessons. We ask to see if she has any questions after the lesson, and she says that she has none. But her her partner says (who is a member) that right when we leave she asks all the questions in the world! 

We also are planning to Baptize a 16 year old Boy named Dallas. He wants to join a Church and has been looking for the true church as well. His friend "Hafen" is a member and invited him to take the lessons. He is very teachable and wants to learn, so we are excited to see him progress. We are hoping that he can be baptized on the 29 Nov, it will be amazing! He is very interested in the BoM after we taught him the Restoration. We brought him to a fireside yesterday called a "Come and See" Fireside. He really enjoyed it. It is one of those rare occasions, where missionaries from other zones get a chance to see each other. So it is always a priority to get to it... with and investigator of course. It has been the first time that I have been able to go to one in more than 6 months. In Mount albert Elder Rogers and I never where able to get investigators there so we could never make it. But this time I got to go and I saw some great old friends. Including Bishop Lavelua form my first are in Onehunga, they where happy to see me, which made me feel happy because they actually remembered and missed me me! It was great! I wrote a letter that morning to Rob, One of the first investigators that I helped teach and get baptized on my mission. I felt a strong desire to figure out his address and write him a letter, and I did that morning before church and the fireside. Because Bishop Lavaula was there I was able to ask about Rob, and he is still going to church! I was going to have to research his address but I was able to give them the letter right there. It worked out perfectly. Certainly a prompting from the spirit.

So many good things are happening. Truly, when the members just simply invite people to learn more about the restored gospel, the spirit is able to then be present and touch hearts. So many times as a missionary I wish I could get dressed as a normal person and go talk with people and then lead them into a gospel discussion. Many times us being all dressed up with a name tag immediately puts them off because they have seen or talked with missionaries before, and think that we are there to just simply preach preach preach. It then makes it difficult to get anything done or even just ask them how there day has been. Just remember to invite!

Elder Fougerouse and i have gettting along well. He speaks Tahitian(which is similar to Moari, and Cook Island) and as well as French. I often ask him how to say things on French but often they are not to different or they are the same! He says that back in Taihiti fishing is a big thing. They often eat raw fish and go spear fishing even. (I was ridiculously jealous when he told me that). funny thing is that he asks me about American Highschool and if it is like the movies. It's not just him, every loves to ask about that. It's interesting how the Grass is always greener on the other side of the hill.

Things are great I have sent a picture of Elder Fougerous and I as well as the place where we played a bit of touch rugbie for our First Zone P-day ever! They got special permission form President, and now we might be able to have one every so often now. We played a bit of American Football, but I will have to admit myself it was a bit boring compared to touch. The Islander Elders thought it was pretty boring to. Mainly because there was a lot of people playing. Touch is still way better in a big group.

Hope you guys enjoy the e-mail I am short on time. Got to go!

Elder Ward

I wish that I had time to take pictures of all the dutiful flowers here in NZ. This reminded me of the purple snow back in Cali. I also thought that it was cool how you have to different kinds as well.

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