Sunday, November 16, 2014


Well all right it feels like yesterday that I was e-mailing you guys1 the mission is really going by way to fast! 

So we had some great things happen this week! I think that I will have to start off with the Set that Elder Fougerouse and I have now. Her name is Jodie, and she is so awesome! She wants to be baptized, it really is a privilege to teach her. I think that I mentioned in the last e-mail that I sent to you guys. We finally had an appointment set up with her and everything, so we could teach the message of the Restoration. Probably one of the most important lessons that helps the investigator understand why the church even exists. We went through all the points. "God is our Loving Heavenly Father", "The Gospel Blesses Families", "God Reveals his Gospel in Every Dispensation", "The Saviors' Earthly Ministry","The Great Apostasy", and of course the "The Restoration". As missionaries we don't memorize or teach a wrote lesson. Our goal is to almost have a conversation about what we are teaching. We always encourage investigators to ask questions, because that really helps understand what need to teach and what they need to know to progress in their understanding of the gospel. Needless to say Jodie loved the lesson and understood what we taught well. Lorenzo her LA partner was having flash backs of attending church when he was younger as well. He seems to be excited to come back as weel. At the end of the lesson we invited Jodie to be Baptized on the 29 Nov and she accepted. She felt a bit uneasy about it, but we explained to her that it would be a goal for her to work towards, and that it would help her progress quicker. We also talked about the need to get married. They where suppose to talk to Bishop Tui'Polotu about it however for some reason they left church just after sacrament. Not to sure why but something must have come up. We are excited and we are going to be having another appointment with her this Wednesday.

Semati, is doing well also, he has been coming to church and he has been excited to learn more. He will be baptized, there are just a few things such as marriage that need to be straightened out. I think I mentioned him a bit in the last letter as well.

So for morning exercise I has to show Elder Fougerouse something cool. Ice blocking... I had found a large tupper ware container in my last flat and had actually froze some blocks in my last area hoping that we may be able to do it for a P-day activity. That didn't work out though because we where very busy with other things. Conveniently there is a huge playing field in front of our flat with steep grassy hills. I could not resist. I told Elder Fougerouse that we are going to be ice blocking for morning exercise, and I froze a huge block. I am pretty sure that he thought that I was half crazy. Sliding down a grassy hill on a block of ice. We walked out there I sat down and flew down the hill, Elder Fougerouse immediately wanted a turn... Needless to say it was a blast! Running up the hill was good exercise as well! Elder Fougerouse figured out a style he liked. Similar to surfing.. what he did back in Tahiti a lot! I got some good pictures. Even videoed myself going down the hill but it's to big to send though... Maybe in the mail.

So ya it was a great week. I love the ward and they want to feed us all the time! 

The Weather here is ridiculous, some days the sun is out and is hot as! Other days it is cloudy and cold. And sometimes it just can't make up it's mind! 

Great to hear about the tandem bike! 

Love you all and take care,
Elder Ward

This a picture of our District. Our district Leader is Elder Ziegner laying of the ground. he is from Germany. Elder Rogers my last companion is in our district! We where so happy to see each other when I arrived in the district. We had a great time talking about the things that happened in our last area. 

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