Sunday, October 19, 2014

My Goodness!

Well this week was a bit tough once again. Elder Fell and I had very few teaching opportunities. Which stunk. Haven't had any contact with Faa, and Howard is really getting caught up in life. We will keep trying and praying none the less! Michael I think I mentioned him last week didn't work out they where busy all week long. As well as that Pentecostal family that we spoke with. They where there for the appointment that we had set up with them. We are hoping to bump into them in the near future again and see if they are willing to be taught.

We did have one really wonderful miracle happen. Elder Fell and I where biking back to the flat to end our day. I saw a woman walking of the the foot path and went ahead and then decided to talk with her. Frankie was coming home from working at Pizza hut. Turns out that she was high School age, which can be a bit awkward at times because doesn't really look good. But none the less I wasn't to sure what was going to happen, as we talked she mentioned that she had been on the website of the church and had actually chatted with people online about the church. She said that she had some really great answers there. She was keen to learn and we gave her a BoM right there and got her contact information. Frankie's parents are Catholic, and they no longer live together. She lives with her Dad who apparently won't really care if we come around. So we are excited as she would like to learn more. We think that we have the greatest fellowship with for her, who also was of a Catholic background, a young lady, and a recent convert. We are hoping that we will be able to set as well this week for Baptism. Miracles always happen when you are least expecting them!

Well for Elder Fell and I we are getting along all right. It has not been easy or very pleasant at times. But we are doing our best to work together and accomplish the work that the Lord would have us do. We are having interviews with President this week. about every 3 months we get to an interview with him which I always look forwards to. It's the best being able to spend about 15min with him. Just you and him that is it.

I absolutely loved and enjoyed General Conference. It was such a blast. Because of 3 sessions on Saturday we hardly got any Proselyting time in. It was a bit of a bummer because Saturdays are pretty good days usually, but during one of the breaks. (The Morning and Afternoon) We got a real treat and went out west in the Zone for a bit of sight seeing I loved it so much! It was nice to get out of the suburb area and see some amazing scenery. I got some really great pictures. It was very refreshing and we had a good time. Nothing like it. New Zealand is very green, while driving by the forests I doubted you would be able to walk very easily through them because they where so greeen! I would really love to upload the pictures but all these computers seem to be bugged, and I don't wan't the memory to get ruined again so now I am trying to figure out which ones do and do not have it. Real sorry about that, maybe I can print them and then send them home.

Other than that I felt so uplifted by the messages that where shared. I really liked the Saturday morning Session with Elder D. Todd Christofferson. He is probably my favorite apostle and I really enjoy his talks as they are simple and straight forwards. I have found a number of his talks in the flat lately and ahve studied them. I also liked President Uchtdorfs talks as well of course(bet you can't guess why). They really talked about sustaining the prophet on Sunday! Boy they really emphasized that and it certainly gave me a better understanding of it for sure.

So I will be sending a letter home this week to you guys. I might be able to get some pictures of the onsie event of the sisters. We will have to see though.....

Thanks for sending the picture of Grandpa, I really loved it, I do miss him! Tell him I love him!

Thank you all so much,

 Elder Ward

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