Sunday, September 28, 2014

Elder Ward's Miracle Moment

For my miracle it would have to be working with one of our most
faithful, investigators. When we first started teaching him he was a
bit shy and timid. Didn't say to much, but I do certainly remember the
spirit that we felt as we knelt down and he prayed after the
Restoration lesson that my companion and I taught. It was strong, and
everyone in the room felt it. Something that I will never forget.

Ever since then, our investigator was faithful with keeping his
commitments to pray, and read the scriptures everyday. He did and you
could see within him something changing. It warmed my heart of the
experiences that he would have, and how he felt as he would pray and
keep the commitments that we gave him. In particular the Word of
Wisdom was challenge for him. Not being able to attend Church has also
been a challenge for him as well, making it difficult for him to gain
the spiritual recharge that he needs to over come the challenges that
he has had to face. He struggled for the longest time but focused on
reading from the scriptures, and praying faithfully. he came to church
when he could. Our YSA representative mentioned to us that in an YSA
activity he bore his testimony about his experience with the Restored
gospel and how it has blessed his life. It stunned everyone when he
mentioned that he was simply an investigator. "It was so simple and
yet so powerful" it was described to me.

Our investigator really let the spirit in his life work and the Lord
blessed him so much, because of his simple desire to follow the
example of the Savior. He failed a few times, we kept up lifting him
and encouraging him to keep trying. He kept improving and changing. I
can only imagine how hard it must be to break a lifetime habit that
has been used to make someone simply feel normal and happy. Last
Sunday (21-Sept-14) our faithful investigators was able to come to
church. Something that he is still working on, as work is very tedious
and demanding. Having not seen him for while, he told us that he had
not smoked for 1 whole week, and he thanked me for helping him change
his life. I simply said "It is not me it is our Father in Heaven". Our
investigator thanking me for the gospel in his life really touched my
heart, and I felt like I had really fulfilled my purpose as a
missionary in bringing him closer to his Savior, and becoming more
worthy to one day make an eternal covenant with his Father in Heaven.

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