Sunday, September 28, 2014


Teaching wise things have been a bit of a struggle. We have lost contact with Caroline since our last awesome lesson. Not to sure what happened. We have knocked nearly everyday, and we know she is home and busy, however no one comes to the door. We are suspecting it is the Family. Not sure we will have to find out for sure. Howard we got to talk with him as well he said that he would be coming to church for sure this week, he even promised! But he didn't come..... so that was a bit disappointing. Pretty sure that something came up, but Howard is still doing alright he is struggling with the Word of Wisdom but he is making improvements.Still a long way to go, because in order to get baptized he is going to need to get married as well. And his partner doesn't seem to excited about coming back to the gospel as well. I think a lot of comes down to his work schedule as he is very busy, and gets little sleep. Often times has to rely on smoking to keep him awake. So we will get there but it may be a long path. This week I would have to say is a bit tough. Didn't get a whole lot of chances to teach. I send another e-mail with my "Miracle moment" They have us send one in for a book that they make at the end of the year for all the missionaries. So this is what I sent in about Faa. He is doing really good and it has been a privilege to work with him for sure. He came to church last Sunday which was great. Now the only hurdle that we have to jump is getting Sundays of work. Then he should be able to get baptized as long as the Word of Wisdom is in order which so far he is really doing great! That was certainly the highlight of my week.

So for what happened with the experience similar to Dad's. Well I was on trade off one time with another Elder.This was the day before transfers last about 1 1/2 weeks ago. We where biking when all the sudden my poor 1/2year worn and torn bike decided to freak out on me. The chain slipped behind the gear sprockets in the rear and got stuck. This has happened before and I have fixed it. I had recently installed a breakable chain-link as well because my chain kept braking at one of the links that had gone bad. So I was going to take apart the chain and then slide it out and back into position with my trusty Leather man. When I took apart the breakable chain link one half was flung in the street because of the chain tension gears! I heard it bounce in the street... My companion only saw the direction that it flew. I looked for it in the street and couldn't find it. It probably was not 5 min when 3 YSA aged girls pulled up in a car and asked if we needed help. I explained what I was looking for and they parked and came and helped us look for it. Within less 2 min on of them found it and I was able to put the bike back together. Turns out they where members, and one of them was an RM as well. They watched me put it back together to make sure that we where all good. They saw that my hands where black and they ran and grabbed a bottle of water to rinse them of with. I thought we where in trouble and that we where going to be walking to our next appointment with a LA Lady, but within 5 min help was sent. within another 2 min the part was found, and we where back on the road. Elder Utia my District Leader was amazed at what happened so quickly and easily. Certainly an answer to a heartful prayer. I was certainly amazed as well. Clearly he was watching.

Elder Fell and I are not use to each other at all. He really liked his last area a lot and is certainly missing it. I have been doing my best to show him around the area, and continue to teach the investigators that we have. We don't really get along mainly do to obedience. He isn't as gun hoe as me. I will usually set the alarm 10min early and get up then at about 6:20 to make sure I get up on time and get a jump start on shaving and brushing taking care of all that daily stuff before I go exercise. My companion doesn't really like that, and doesn't like getting up on time either. This bugs me a bit. All of my companions in the past have had no issues with that so I have never had issues. I have talked a bit about it with him. But its not really a big deal to him. Anyways I have tried to show love and ask if there is anything I can do to help out, but haven't really gotten anywhere. He is improving, he is using his planner and he hasn't really used it much before. We do have our laughs though, he does teach well. So all I can really do is set the example and show love and encourage him.

Anyways things are good, and as for the spaghetti on toast question... I think i have been served 1 time. I don't think it is to popular among the Islanders. So I am not to sure. Maybe in other areas that I will serve in the future. I haven't heard that about that the Moari language doesn't have curse words either.... Haven't been around them to much though in the Central area of Auckland.

Hopefully the car gets worked out, that must have been real scary! Weird to.....

So glad Eric is ok, that must have been really scary! 

Take care love you all and thanks for the e-mails,

Love, Elder Ward

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