Sunday, September 7, 2014

Progressing Investigators.....

For this week we had an opportunity to see a returned missionary come
home. The Tonga Families Daughter came home this week form her
mission. She served in Australia, and she is awesome with missionary
work! We got to go attended her homecoming party as well hoping to
find some non-members there to talk with. Wasn't to successful as we
really didn't know anyone there to talk with. They do things a bit
strange in my eyes. They had chairs setup around the outside of the
Gym, and had a dance floor in the center that no one wanted to dance
on. So everyone just sat and talked with their neighbor. All good
though, we had a great sacrament meeting. Some powerful testimonies
where borne and the spirit was their. It was a bit interesting seeing
a returned missionary fresh form the field. She was a bit sad, and
really wanted to do all she could to help us with our work which is

So for our investigators. none where able to make it to church this
week :/ It was a real major bummer, we where hoping that Howard was
going to be able to make it, as well as Caroline. We aren't to sure
what happened with them. Despite having cell phones often times
communication still is an issue. Hopefully we will be able to see
Howard this evening again. WE had a lesson with him last Monday
evening and it was fantastic. We have taught Howard all the main
important lessons, now we talked specifically about the Wow. One of
the Tonga Families daughter was present and was able to bear testimony
of Wow wisdom and the blessings that we are given as we as we obey it.
She her self knows form personal experience. It was perfect she
practically taught the whole lesson by her self even! Howard felt
great during the lesson and we have been in touch with him through out
the week to see how he is doing. He is improving which is fantastic!
He told that he is listening to the scriptures on his phone and that
our texts with scriptures haven been really helpful to him.We are
hoping that this evening will work out now so we can follow up and
begin to work out the details of the him and his partner. Howard is
grateful for the guidance that we have shown comes from the gospel. He
really wants to see this bless his life and his daughters life.
Hopefully we can get his partner on board.

Faa has been working like a mad man. He worked for 2 weeks straight!
We will be getting a chance to meet with him tomorrow finally. He
needs to be able, to come to church the next day so he can be
confirmed a member of the Church otherwise we can't really baptize
him. If he can get Sundays off that would be best. It is always better
to get all the concerns worked out before Baptism so there are not
even bigger problems down the line that other missionaries and Ward
members will have to fix. Hopefully and prayer fully he will be able
to get Sundays off. Apparently he has been getting frustrated with the
Word of Wisdom. And we don't want him to beat himself up over it,
because then he will get even more discouraged and then moving
forwards will become even harder.

We had another great lesson this week as well with one of our newer
investigators Ana I have e-mailed about her before, but she is doing
great. WE taught her last time about the Plan of Salvation, but this
week we taught her about the Restoration and what everything about
Joseph Smith and Book of Mormon about. She was blown away! We taught
her how she can know if it is true, and that is simply by prayer. WE
shared with her Alma 32:28 as well as few other scriptures to do with
felling the spirit. We asked her if she would kneel and pray with us
to know if the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith is a
prophet of God. She was a bit hesitant, but we taught her how to pray.
She said a wonderfully heart felt prayer and asked her Father in
Heaven the question. When she said a Amen, she then exclaimed"Oh,
really feel it now!" She said that she would read and be looking into
the Book of Mormon now more than ever. The spirit was so strong,
another highlight of the mission for sure! She didn't make it to
church though, not to sure why, there has been a bit of a lack of
communication and what not. We are hoping to introduce her to the
Tonga Family to get that fellowship going. That is something that
Elder Rogers and I have been working hard to do. Getting members out
with us to visit our investigators.

We had Katrina Taylor come out with us this week as well. She is YSA
and she was baptized at the beginning of the year. She has a wonderful
testimony of the gospel and we introduced her to a few of the people
that we know. Members especially Recent Converts are the best
missionaries, because they are the ones living it in a matter that
relates to those investigating the church. We introduced her to
Caroline this week when we had a lesson on the Plan of Salvation, and
it was fantastic to hear of her conversion story. Katrina was
originally Catholic, her parents resent her a bit for being Baptized
and changing churches, however she has been able to stay strong all
though her parents aren't to pleased. It's was great to have her come
with us to a few appointments. She has been debating whether she
should serve a full time mission or not, and apparently her time with
us and teaching investigators relight that fire within her to go and
serve! Hearing that form both her and the 1st councilor of the ward
really made Elder Rogers and I pleased or satisfied with the work we
do our best in.

So Mom to answer a few of questions... We get few 4 times a week by
members. Other wise missionaries would get seriously over weight. I
have met a few with even 4 feeds a week have put on a lot of weight!
No good. For myself I don't think I have put on much. I put on some
jeans that I brought form home wand they still fit just like they use
to! That's good news. I think I have gotten a bit bigger, I can do a
lot more push ups now and with all the biking that has been helping me
with over all health for sure. Our members are mostly Tongan here in
this ward as well as my last. I have spent all of my mission so far in
the city suburbs/ ghetto to put it straight in some areas, so I meet
lots of immigrants, especially Indian and Chinese. Lots of Islanders
are members. Depending on where you go, from what I understand about
Auckland, some ward's have more Samoan, others more Palangi(White),
and some more Tongan. There are Moaries here. Often times they are
mixed with other nationalities, and what not. However up North I have
been told that there are a lot more Moari members of the church. Every
so often we do bump into people form Britain, however they are hardly
ever interested. Accents vary from the mild Kiwi accent which is very
similar to Aussie accent mixed with a bit of American. So ya it is
pretty interesting. Often times Islander Families fly form NZ to Tonga
or Samoa, and they have there own distinct accents as well. Some have
it stronger than others depending on how good their English is.

So I got the package from you guys! I was quite excited to see it. I
forgot however that it was my Birthday package.... So  opened it and
then realized it may have been better to save till the my Birthday. To
late. I looked through it and I love all the goodies. I haven't eaten
any, but I did have to grab one of those spoke lights and throw it on
my bike haha. I will probably read the letters for when my birthday
does role around, because that was when they where written for. As
well as the goodies. Oh and I like the tide markers, I had open that
up and give it a shot, haven't had a real good chance though to try it
out though. So it is a bit unpredictable with the mail. I'd say about
2 months is safe.

So for P-day today we aren't doing to much. It is pouring heaps of
rain, so sports isn't really an option, hope fully next week. Today is
probably going to be a bit more of a relaxing day.

Sounds like the Family is doing good including the bird Jelly! he must
have a real personality for sure! I certainly miss you all. Wish we
could go out and do some family activities! I miss them and all those
good times. The mission is going by quick it's scary!

Love you all do take care, read the scriptures as well. Please do ask
questions, I will try to help you guys know more about what its like
to be in the field!

Love, Elder Ward

Here is a picture of us for dinner at the Tongas home. That is Brother
Tonga cutting the pig! The pig was cooked it on a spit! They put it on
a stick and cook it over the fire very traditional, it was pretty darn
good, very juicy, certainly a first for me!

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