Sunday, September 21, 2014

Progressing Still Miracles as Well...

This week has been crazy. We had transfers and Elder Rogers
unfortunately had to go. It was great to have him as a companion
because he was just as motivated and hard working as me. He supported
me in my personal goals to become better and I did as well. I can't
say that we liked each other all that much. We both did things that
just annoyed the stuffing out of each other, but we had some really
great moments on the mission that I will cherish most certainly.

My new Companion is Elder Fell. He is an Aussie, and he has been out
in the mission just a transfer( 6 weeks) more than me. So I am showing
him around the area doing my best to introduce him to all the
investigators and Ward members that we have. It's different.. Elder
Fell and I are gonna need some getting use to. I was with Elder Rogers
for 4 1/2 months so ya you do find your comfort zone after a while.
Well I have a new District and Zone Leaders now because our ward that
we serve in is now part of a different Stake. So I can say now that I
have served in 2 different Zones! and only 2 areas, haha. But that is
all good, some really great things are happening.

We saw Howard last week, and he has been working hard to get in line
with the word of Wisdom, it has been a challenge. After all you are
asking them to change life time habits. But he has been trying for
sure. Last week at the lesson we taught him more specifically getting
a witness that the Book of Mormon was true. Because we know he wants
to quit for Health Reasons, and as well as financial reasons(If you
thought they where expensive in the States, you should see how much
they are here, like $20 a pack), but we want Howard to quit also
because he knows God is out there and he loves him. Reading and
praying about the BoM is one of the best ways. So after a whole week
of practically hearing nothing form him(He is always losing his phone)
We saw him last night. He was happy to see us, he even introduced
himself to Elder Fell which says something! But we chatted for a bit
to find out that he had relapsed quite hard, we didn't condemn him or
tear him down, we told him his Father in Heaven still loved him and
wanted him to keep trying. He said he wanted to be honest with us
which we appreciated because it makes it so much easier down the road.
Anyways, I guess you could say we re committed him to it and to keep
trying. We did ask him about the BoM and if he has prayed about it.
The answer he gave was amazing. He said "Ya I did, and I felt peace
inside, the only way I can describe is like rough water becoming calm,
and I just felt peace full inside". That really humbled me, he then
went on to describe that he felt as if Joseph Smith was giving us more
to apply to our day and learn from, he gave us more than the Bible. I
was amazed that he came to this conclusion, because we haven't really
even taught him that! He also mentioned how it has applied to his
life. He talked about how it says that we should not rummer against
our fathers in relation to Laman and Lemuel, and how he thought of it
one time when he was murmuring against his own Father. I though it was
great, because he is getting a testimony of how the scriptures apply
to our lives. We are going to be teaching him this evening. Probably
the biggest hold up is the partner. She is Less Active and she isn't
very motivated to do anything at all. Hopefully she comes because we
want her to get involved of course. Tonight we are going to teaching
bit about the temples, as well as raising our children in
righteousness. It should be good, we have taught Howard just about
everything, we are now just filling in the cracks, and giving him a
more full picture of what we are teaching towards.

Caroline has been doing well. We had a lesson with her at a members
home this week and we also had Katrina there (a really strong recent
convert), this was the day Elder Fell got transferred into the area,
and we taught more around the gospel of Christ, we talked a bit about
baptism. Eventually during the lesson Caroline mentioned that she
wanted to be baptized, and that she simply wanted to understand more
about how whether "Mormon" is for her. Thats where Katrina butted in
and bore a beautiful testimony about how she felt and how she came to
know it was true and was for her. The main reason being because it
brought her closer to Savior. We are excited, we have been able to se
her and how she has been doing. But we do need her to come to church.
In fact we need all of our investigators to come to church! Faa,
Howard, and Caroline. That has been an issue. But we know that once
she does, things will begin to click a lot better, and will straighten
there testimony.

Faa is doing good, we just need him to come to church. We should be
seeing him this week, we will be finding out how things have been
going for him and work as we did fast that he could get Sundays of or
find a new job. but church is what all of our investigators need right
now! We have been working with them for a while now, especially Faa,
sometimes I feel like they will never get there! Just got to have
faith, and keep working, and serving. That's all that we can do.

I had a miracle similar to Dads this week I don't have much more time
to type though so I will right about it next week for sure it was
really cool, and it was obvious that it simply was the hand of God in
what happened, similar to what happened with Dad. Next week for sure.

No pics, I am getting the camera memory fixed because of the viruses
finally. Next week for sure!

Love you all take care,

Love, Elder Ward

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