Sunday, October 25, 2015

12 October 2015 - This Week

I will have to say that being assigned as a Zone Leader is quite fun. I love going on trade-offs with the Elders. Had some great ones this week! I have included pictures that I went on trade-offs with. 

Investigator wise though we havn't seen a whole lot of action. We have some people that are certainly prepared for baptism, however though they all have their own concerns. Something that can be really frustrating as a missionary, is when people are simply not open with you. Sometimes they have you come and visit simply because they do not want to be you to be offended. Or you are with the member family with the investigator in their home (they will be partners with someone that is a member or married to) and the members love and interact with the lesson, but the investigator is relatively quite. We have some wonderful people who have certainly been prepared. We are planning to have someone ready by the end of October.

One little miracle that I noticed was visiting the home of our recent converts. The spirit in their home has changed! Their father who was Less-Active was very joyous and loved being around his kids. He was a more optimistic and full of life! He even got a Saturday project going for building a porch for him and his family. In between the conferences we went over to their home real quick to help move the wood real quick and zipped back to watch more conference! They did come for one of the Sunday sessions as well. They have little kids so it can be challenging at times for them. It was great though. We are working with the mother of the family. She is a non-member, but she has been sitting in on the lessons. We know that she loves the message and even has a desire to be baptized, however she is quiet and doesn't say too much. She will answer the questions we ask, however she doesn't seem to be self motivated in progressing towards baptism. I hope that makes sense.

I loved conference. It was so cool! I look forwards to ponderizing. Stuart is doing, so I figured I better do it! Should be great. I can never get enough of it. I was saddened that it was the last one for my mission, however though... I very much look forward to the next one. 

This week I also had my last interview with President Balli. He is a great man! I look up to him a lot. He gave me some great counsel, and of course there will be one more before I go home... I look forwards to the time I still have left to serve. I see it as being so precious!

Love you all thanks for your e-mails and your help with applications Mother!

Elder Ward

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