Sunday, October 11, 2015

5 Oct 2015 - A Baptism! Tew!‏

This week it will be a bit brief. Still getting to know the area a bit. My goodness, I have gone from an area that can take's a 45 min to drive across to an area that takes 5 min. I am in the heart of the Auckland Suburbs as at the beginning of my mission. I to miss the beautiful landscapes up North for sure. However though, it is not about the area or the Geography, it is about the people. The people are different down here as well. They are mostly Samoan, so I get to repickup some Samoan again.

Needless to say there are A LOT of Less Active families here. Often times children will go Less Active, get partners, and then later in life come back, get married, and their partners, with the kids get baptized. That is an idea of how the work goes at times. The members love to go and visit people as well. They love to come out with us to teach. One big challenge can be trying to set appointments with investigators, and then have members come out with us as well. Always a fun challenge, that requires diligent communication.

For this weekend, I had the opportunity of Baptising Mya Aniterea, while another missionary Baptized Malachi Aniterea. This family has been worked with by missionaries for a while, and these kids are just awesome. Elder Falatau and I where transferred on and we continued where they left off on. Their mother as well is not a member. She has been sitting in on the lessons and we are seeking to help her become serous in investigating the church. you can see that she loves it, however she seems to have some kind of concern that makes her be a bit reserved and not as open as we would as missionaries like. Maybe it is just the way she is, we will keep visiting the family though. So once again another baptism as a result of the members being diligent and also the previous missionaries. What a blessing! Now a bit of a disappointment though is that I do not have a picture. It was taken with someone else's camera. I will get it form them soon. The non-members Family came as well and they seemed to be intrigued by the baptism. Hopefully they felt the spirit and may turn to learn more about the gospel in the future!

So that is a bit about the week. Oh I also got a chance to go on trade off with the Assistants as well. They are amazing missionaries. I loved it. learned so much form them for sure. It is very neat serving as a Zone Leader. It is different, but I love it. It can be stressing and challenging though as well.

Glad Dad got home safe!

Love you all, miss you to.

Elder Ward

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