Sunday, October 25, 2015

19 October 2015 - Comp Studies

Being assigned as a leader in the mission is fun! You get all sorts of different opportunities. One of them this week was having comp study with Senior couples within the Zone. We got to drive to their apartments. They lived on the 8th floor or so. From it you could see the NZ MTC! I nabbed a picture of it real quick. It is crazy though because I remember looking out at those buildings when I was in the MTC, and now I was in them looking back. Boy have I come a long way on my mission.

We had a great companionship study with them and we talked about the work happening in our areas. Elder and Sister Martin certainly have a different mission style than us! They don't really proselyte like us and they work with the Less- Active ward members often. They can get sometimes get into homes that we missionaries simply would not be able to. They are more respected, and so people treat them differently. After getting to know them, having a companionship study, I walked out thinking to myself that I would love to serve a mission as a Senior Missionary. Elder Martin cracked a great joke, he said" I am the only one that is allowed to kiss my companion". I laughed so hard!  They were even kind enough to make us a breakfast so we took lunch right after our studies. It was nice to have some good old American pancakes!

In our area though Elder Falatau and I have gotten very familiar with it. We know the people that have potential to be baptized, and we are looking forwards to this week because we are going to be giving investigators some specific dates! We have been teaching a Fijian Indian family. It is lead by a solo mum who has been through a lot. She has a Muslim background. She loves the church though because she has received a lot of help form the church and members. you have to teach things sooo simply. It is great though. She is progressing slowly! Her name is Pinky, it is a version of her real name!

I also got your B-day package it is awesome! I will save the cakes for my Birthday, and I think that that I will save the messages for then too. I love the water colour idea. I didn't get it at first though. I had to slow down and think a bit!

Thanks for the e-mails. Love you all and thanks so much!

Elder Ward

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