Sunday, November 1, 2015

25 October 2015 - Stress...

This week was pretty stressful. I can tend to be one that get stressed really easily and then thinks too hard about things. Something that I think I will have to work on for the rest of my life! It has been good the mission has taught to help manage it.

Moving on though, I would have to say that the work has become slightly challenging in our area. Our area is actually quite small, so by now we are thoroughly familiar with it and many of the people. We have seen some people that have we have had great hope and faith for fall through. It has been tough in that perspective, however we do have someone who is preparing for the 21st of Nov. Her name is Shaniqua, she is 17, and she has been contact with members for a while. She very bright and intelligent. She doesn't have a whole lot of knowledge about the gospel her self though. She is a sponge though and soaking up everything we teach. Her Brothers and Sisters are bright as well. Many of the times the parents don't look after there kids, and so they are not as well behaved. But it was just a different experience working with these kids for sure!The only thing that can make things challenging is when they are being handed between parents. Some days they are there, and others they are elsewhere in Auckland. She has been keeping commitments.

Just been really working on keeping my faith up and my vision of what can happen. discouragement really is no good. I have been discouraged before and boy does the world seem like a dark place when you are discouraged!

Love you all.

And yes thanks for the ring. I got an interesting picture with it.

We had a Zone Devotional this morning. It went well. We did an activity in PMG on pg 124 where we split into groups. It was great, everyone seemed to enjoy it and learned lots. This Elder Manu, he came into the mission with me, he will be going home with me as well. I am also starting to wear contacts again. Got tired of glasses.

Elder Ward

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