Sunday, November 22, 2015

15 November 2015 - Letter Home

In this week we have accomplished a lot. As missionaries one way report on how our efforts have been going is through Key Indicators. Like how many lessons we have taught during the week, how many people we have talked with, how many people we have baptized during the week as well. For this week you could say that our numbers where a bit low. However though we did have a few moments we felt where very valuable though.

One being a visit with a Less-Active Brother who has been wuite shy torwards us. We met with him once before when we popped by, however he didn't say to much and we ended up talking to his Mother more than him. He was home by himself with just the Kids. He invited us in and we chatted up a storm. He apparently doesn't have a concern as to why he doesn't come to church. But he has to cause he doesn't come. He even told us that he wasn't being lazy about it either. Didn't really make sense, but we didn't want to interrogate him by any means. I did note that he was more open when his mum wasn't around...The most important par tof the visit though was inviting him to start acting and move forwards. We extended a challenge for him to read the BoM in 90 days and he responded with a solid yes. So we will be organizing that for him. If we can help him feel the Spirit I know that he will progress torwards bigger commitments such as coming to church. He is married to one of our investigators. You could say that he is the one that is holding her back. We where pleased with the miracle of encountering him and helping him!

What makes a successful missionary is not how many people he baptizes, but his commitment to serving his mission and bringing others to Christ. There are many things that are done on a mission that are never counted or reported. We worked our hardest this week, so I am happy with what we where able to accomplish because it was our best!

That is about all the time I have for today. The visa stuff has taken quite a bit of time... So busy, it is so good!

Elder Ward

Elder Falatau turned 21. So the Elders and Sisters in a District organised a bit of a surprise party for him. He didn't tell anyone about it, but they still found out though. Elder Falatau doesn't like birthdays to much... All well he got one anyways!

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