Sunday, November 22, 2015

08 November 2015 - Transfers....

Not feeling to well right now. Just a little sick to the stomach. but I am still going to send home an awesome letter home!

Elder Falatau and I worked diligently this week for sure. We had transfers this week, so being assigned as a Zone Leader we where busy with renting a trailer and planning for how we are going to be moving all the Elders and Sisters around. It was to much fun. Elder Falatau and I are staying. So I will finish my mission with Elder Falatau. He is a great missionary and I am happy to end with him at my side. After the transfer meeting though President Balli and I spoke briefly. He gave me some great council. He put both his hands on my shouldlers and looked into my eyes and said something along the lines of "Elder Ward you are a great missionary and leader, you have shown this in the past, and just simply enjoy your last transfer, just enjoy it and the work". I appreciated it greatly because it was what I needed to hear for sure. Often times I can be very self critical, and simply to hard on myself. President knows that about me. He has been able to give me great advice for me and help me over come this personal challenge. I have improved but it can still be hard at times. Something that I will probably have to work on even after my mission to as well.

So I am looking forwards to this transfer for sure. This week we where able to get 5 new investigators, which is awesome! We have had a few investigators loose their momentum and just are progressing like we would like them top. But in there time they will get there! 2 of the investigators came form the Less Active sister that we met last Sunday. Her sons sat in on the lessons and they where interested and we shared with them a bit about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it will bless there lives just by simply living by the principles. Their names are John and William. They where never baptized, so we hope to strengthen there mother who has the most tender testimony, and then help her boys really get involved. Should be good! Something that really helps in missionary work is bearing your testimony. Or witnessing to those that you are teaching that what you have taught is true. It is powerful and really invites the spirit. I remember at a few points during the lesson that Sister James(the boys mother) doubted that she could feel more of the spirit at that it would be able to help her. At that moment I bore my testimony and reassured her that if she is on the pathway back to her Heavenly Father the Spirit will be able to help her with her returning to the church and give her peace and comfort. IT was awesome!

I have sent pictures of my previous companion who is now serving as a Zone Leader to! only 12 weeks out on his mission! His trainee is now training. It is pretty cool! you could say that I have a great grandson! We usually consider those who train like Fathers, and those being trained like sons. So because my trainees trainee is training, I am now a Grand Father! Haha fun mission Language.

At the end of the transfer meeting, missionaries gather together in a circle with the new missionaries in the center. We sing the mission song and have some good fun!
 President Balli invited me to speak at transfer meeting as well. It was a cazy looking at all the new missionaries and thinking that I was in there shoes nearly 2 years ago! I shared with them my testimony, and a few small thoughts as well pertaining to mission life.

Love You all and thanks for the e-mails,
Elder Ward

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