Sunday, November 8, 2015

1 Nov 2015 - A great week for the Zone!‏

To start off I am elated to report that the investigator that I interviewed last week was baptized! :) I was happy for her and I was glad that she did not harden her heart and turn away. When I interviewed her for the final time, it was great to hear how she understood the importance of the commandments. I felt sorry for her that she did have to wait, but she was so much more prepared! It was a great feeling to know that the faith on our part, the Elders teaching, the investigators, and as well with her family; all ended in a greater appreciation for the sacredness of baptism. Her husband even came up to me (who the Elder previously did not have a great relationship with) and personally thanked me after she had been baptized. It was great to see the change in him, and hopefully it will lead to him changing and joining the church in the future! Miracles do happen!

In the Zone there where 2 other Baptisms as well. One was a young boy, and the other was a Young Woman who had been preparing for a while and now could be baptized because she had parental permission. As leaders we are to be at the baptisms to make sure everything goes smoothly. So it was awesome! The only down side is that we don't get to spend time in our own area working with our own investigators.

The work in our area is still challenging in it's own way. I will share one miracle though. We received a miracle from some missionaries that where in another part of Auckland. WE went to go contact them however though there was no one by the name that we had. Interestingly enough when the lady opened the door, she said "Oh, hey Elders"... A clear indication that she was a member or at least at least a less active. After we learned that there was no one by the name we said "Oh, then it is inspired that we still met you instead!" We got to know her a bit and get a feeling for where she was in her life. She did express that she did not want to come to church because she was doing things that made her not worthy(WoW). When we learned that was the concern we then talked about how she should come despite where she was in her life. Church, is just simple a hospital for sinners, or a mechanics shop, not a car show room. Often times that is what it can be in other churches, and so many people have tha perception about church. We look forwards to going back and visiting with her and the rest of her family as they may not be members, however ready to listen and learn about the gospel. Certainly a miracle prepared by our Heavenly Father. Investigators may loose intrest, or become a former, however, there always seems to be more people prepared!

I am thankful for the church, for how it has been restored through a loving Father in Heaven. I certainly have a testimony, and know it is true!

Thanks for your e-mails, love you all heaps!

Congrats Madelyn, and I loved the costumes to. Halloween isn't to big here. There where still kids though doing it.

Got a picture of our Zone!

Elder Ward

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