Sunday, October 4, 2015

28 September 2015 - More Change, More growing....‏

You could probably tell that in my last e-mail that I was a bit disappointed in being transferred. Well I think that I would have done great work with Elder Hixon. Up in Whangarei I look forwards to hearing how things are going for him and Wards that I have in up there. The main reason as to why I was transferred, well I think it was because I would have simply not grown and reached my potential. I was getting quite comfortable in Whangarei. I knew the area that I was watching ovwer as a District Leader, and also many of the missionaries. We were all great friends and working hard. With anything that we are trying to improve in, once we become comfortable, that is when our progression beings to slow down. Needless to say, I am in a new Ward, new companion, and a new assignment form the mission President.... All evidence points to it I feel.

I am serving in the "Champion Ward" as some of the members put it. It is called the Favona Ward. It is located in South Auckland, where there is lots of people to talk to, teach, reactivate, and baptize. This is one of the highest baptizing zones in all the mission! Even New Zealand it has been said. I am quite nervous with those statements being made... However though I know that Heavenly Father has put me here because he knows that I through his help and my wonderful companion can do it! There is a  potential of 18 people being baptized in the coming month, the previous missionaries have identified. Not that they are going to be baptized, but it is a goal, and it is good to keep in mind the potential that is here so we don't think for one minute that there is no one to prepare in the near future. I will be busy the next little while on my mission! 

At the moment we all ready have to 2 children named Malachi and Mya, who are going to be baptized on the 3rd of October. You remember my previous companion Elder Rogers, he just went home and finished. He has finished in this very ward that I am serving now! So he was teaching these kids as well. It feels good, and an honour to carry on where he left off.

Over all I am excited. A bit busier now with another Assignment. But hey it is a lot of fun as well!

Sorry for no pictures this week. I will send a few home next week!

Love You all and thanks for the e-mails!

Elder Ward

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