Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 10, 2014 - Mission Work Of Course

Well for this week I have to say some great things have happened. I
like the Advice you gave Dad. I think I will focus more on the
spiritual experences that I have rather than trying to give a summary
of the people that we have interacted with in the week. I think that
will be a much better way of helping you guys feel the spirit of
missionary work.

So once again I am pressed for time. I sppent a bit of time e-mailing
Stuart. Everyone can read his e-mail if they please I think that you
all will like it. SO for this week we did teach Howard and his partner
again. Howard is doing well. He is keeping the commitments. At the
lesson we taught him the plan of Salvation. Usually this lesson is a
bit hard for investigators to take in because it is so..... BIG and
grand I guess you could say. Growing up with it in my life I can
easily understand the wonderful Plan that our Father in Heaven laid
for us. He really liked, and he said that he would certainly think
about it. His one year old Daughter was also present for the lesson.
She is his pride and joy. Howard loves her so much and wants the best
for her. She was great to have in the lesson. We talked about how she,
was not to long ago, in the Pre-existance with our Father in Heaven.
She was a wonderful teaching tool needless to say. :D Her birthday
was coming up this Sunday, and Howard was looking forwards to
celebrating it with family and friends. So Elder Rogers and I think
that is why he is unable to come. We are going to be keeping in touch
with him to be sure.

So I think that I mentioned Ana last week. Elder Rogers and simply
found her by making sure that we talk with everyone that we can. We
had an opportunity to sit down with her on Friday. She had some funny
stories about running away form the missionaries when she was young.
She goes to the 7th day Adventist church. When she us walk up to her
she felt like it was a bit of a sign that she finely need to sit down
and have a chat with us. She had many questions for us. "What is the
Book of Mormon" "How do you guys view life after death?". Elder Rogers
and I wanted to teach everything to her at that moment however we
literally asked her, "Would you like to learn about the Plan of
Salvation, or the Book of Mormon?" she said the Plan of Salvation. We
taught her and she soaked it up like a sponge. At the end of the
lesson she said that has had learned more in one our about our father
in Heavens plan than in the 19 years that she had been going to the
7th day Adventist church. She felt like she had missed out on dodging
the missionaries back in the Islands and not listening or seeing what
they had had to share. I thought that was a pretty profound statement.
My goodness. But it makes sense. Within our church we encourage the
members to learn for themselves the gospel(callings), to read the
scriptures, and to use the study aids that the church has produced.
The members teach one another about the gospel so of course they are
all going to well familiar with it. When you compare it with there
church there is one man that teaches and only one that really studies
and understands. All the people do is come, listen, and go home. Not
much is learned. Anyways she seems very excited to learn more. We
invited her to come to church and to see what it was like, but she
didn't come for some reason :/ Most likely she got caught up in being
busy, but we are looking forwards to teaching her more.

I think that I mentioned Caroline a few times. She came to church! We
didn't see her. We only had Sacrament meeting because the building had
been painted recently and the building had some strong fumes in the
teaching rooms. She had to go take care of the family back at home so
she booked it at the end. The relief Society President got a chance to
s it next to her (Thats how we found out) so that worked out nicely
with the fellowship as well :) We should be having a lesson with her
at a members home this evening.

Oh and...... MOM HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I did remember before the 31st came,
however I forgot mention it in the e-mail! Sorry I didn't get on top
of it though. I do hope that you enjoyed. I didn't here if anything
great happened but I hope it was great!

And of course Eric. now 9 years old. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I want to thank
you for letting me baptize you. it was a real privilege and I am
grateful for the experience. I can always tell be people that I have
baptized someone because I had a wonderful opportunity to serve my
little Brother.

Sooo it has been 1 year since leaving the United States for all of us.
1 year since I went into the temple, and ya August 11th has a lot of
important dates attached to it!

I love you all I will be more prepared for e-mails next week. I loved
e-mails this week and hearing form you all! Please share all that is
happening! I love picks to. :) oh again, you can read stuarts e-mail.
That is pretty good.

-Love Elder Ward

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