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August 24, 2014 - Progressing Investigators

All good. So for this week it was pretty good progressing investigator
wise for sure I would have to say. So last week I did mention that we
where going to be having a lesson with Howard that evening after P-day
was over. We had been trying to contact him all that day to make sure
he was all good for the lesson. By the end of it we weren't to sure if
he was going to show. We contacted the members (The Tonga Family) and
told them that we would still pop by just in case he came. I remember
Elder Rogers and I Praying before we were to go out for the evening.
I asked that we may may be able to teach Howard despite the lack of
communication. We showed up at the Tonga Families home and what do you
know? He is no there. We had a small chat with Lenny (Preparing to go
on a mission soon) about how things have been. We where actually
trying to peel away so we could go do some other visits, but just as
we where saying good by we heard a car pulling up the long as could be
drive way. We all turned and looked, and saw his car! Howard got out
and we all gave him a "Hey!!!". The lesson was great, he was a bit
busy that evening but he was still able to make it. We taught him the
Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have all ready taught him about the
Restoration, and the Plan of Salvation. The Gospel of Christ we taught
to emphasize the importance of Baptism. The Spirit was so strong. The
Tonga Family have such powerful Testimonies of the gospel in their
lives. They bore Beautiful testimonies of how the Gospel has blessed
there family, as there Parents where converts when they were younger.
Nothing could have brought the spirit in like they did. Missionaries
teach, and can bear testimony, but a members testimony is different,
because they are living in the World but not OF the world. Howard
really felt the spirit. We would ask him questions such as, "Is the
Holy Ghost a blessing that you would like to have in your life
Howard?" Those kinds of questions really help and investigators think
and consider what has been said and born of. We extended a commitment
for him to be baptized. He accepted, and of course acknowledged though
that he is having some issues with the word of Wisdom and as well as
the marriage situation. Elder Rogers and I told him that, that is what
we are here to do as missionaries as well as the members, help him
progress to the point at which he can be ready for baptism and come
closer to the Savior and his Father in Heaven. Probably one of the
most amazing lessons in all of mission. The members are the ones that
really made it, I think I have mentioned that a lot by now! We should
be seeing Howard this evening again. We will be talking a bit about
the Word of Wisdom, as well as gaining a strong testimony of the Book
of Mormons divinity. He didn't make it to church though.... :(
Apparently something came up and he got real busy. He knows that he
needs to and the importance of it. We have taught him before about the
Sabbath. He should be all good for this week though for sure.

Caroline! we got to sit down with her at the chapel this week and have
another lesson with her. She is still very keen. We haven't heard to
much about the family adding pressure. Apparently she has some real
good friends in the church that she has been talking to as well. For
the lesson we simply read some passages form the Book of Mormon, to
give her a better understanding of what it teaches about. During the
lesson we helped her understand that Joesph Smith did not write the
Book of Mormon, and that he in fact translated it. For some reason she
didn't quite understand that, no that it really makes that big of a
difference, but she as expressed the concern that she doesn't quite
under stand Joseph Smith and what he is all about. That's why we read
a few of the passages in the BoM. She explained to us that she had
been pondering about the Book of Mormon quite a bit since our last. We
then encouraged her to pray about it, she knows has an understanding
of it, so now she needs to pray about it as it says in the
Introduction. We are following up with her! She is one of the most
sincere investigators that I've seen. Caroline has great faith. She
was unable to make it to church also, because of the car apparently
was acting up. She is quite busy with her children.

Oh and of course Fa. We where planning on baptizing him this weekend..
However due to him not being able to go and attend church the next
Sunday to be confirmed is no good. So we are still working with him on
the Sabbath day. We didn't have a chance to meet up with him this
week. This was kind of of his "do or die week" with the word of
wisdom, well not really die, but he was planning on getting rid of the
smoking this week. Based on what we have heard form the Tua'ho Family,
he was at a Family function and they pressured him into breaking it.
Not to sure what exactly it was, but we still love him, and we are
going to help him conquer this mountain no matter what happens! We are
all learning to walk, just as many have explained it. Though we fall
our Father in heaven continues to pick us up brush us off and set us
on our way again. We the missionaries are to do exactly that. Because
we are simply his tools. :D Fa is awesome though. We are meeting with
him this Tuesday and we should be able to really see how he is doing
then. I think the Sabbath day is a bigger concern than that of Wow
though because work here in New Zealand is just ridiculous. We don't
know if he will be able to start coming consistently on Sunday or not.
It really does come down to asking the schedule to be changed. We will
be praying for sure.

We haven't been finding many new investigators lately. Just no one
interested has come about lately. Well actually last week we bumped
into Ricky we where knocking of the neighbors doors of a members house
and we bumped into him. He had a few questions for us but after a bit
of chatting he said that he would be interested in getting a copy of
the Book of Mormon. He is a Christian, so he is a bit hesitant to look
into it growing up thinking that the Bible was the only thing that was
needed. But we are planning to the chapel for a tour. I remember doing
that with Caroline and that was a great experience for sure. The
chapel really seems to shew away all those unknowns about us. Great
teaching opportunity as well as they continue to ask questions.

So for the weather here in New Zealand. I am pretty sure that the
weather man hates his job here in New Zealand. Probably can never
predict it. Often times it will rain periodically throughout the day.
We will see a big storm front coming and then it will just poor
buckets and buckets of rain for 10min, then it will just pass by. That
is how it has been for most of the Winter. But this week in particular
it has rained a lot. Hasn't been to fun considering that we where on
bikes. I did have a movie moment where a car drove by hit a puddle and
splashed water all over my side. Wasn't really that big of a deal
cause I was all ready pretty wet, but ya it was pretty funny. Elder
Rogers was having a laugh. Certainly does give you a better idea of
the "good" and "bad" weather that everyone talks about. It has been
sunny lately and that has been real nice to enjoy those few days
biking. It has been cold lately, especially in when on bikes, your
hands can turn into Popsicles! But it is warming up now and starting
to go into the Summer which is a real nice, but to be honest I am not
looking forwards to the sweaty summer of biking in the heat like it
was at the beginning of my mission. (Oh I have now used the term "the
beginning") The Jacket that I brought Mum has been really good. I
haven't bought a rain jacket yet. :S But because it is made up of wool
kit actually still keeps me warm. It sheds and repels the water well
also. I will hang it up in the flat when I get back and the water
actually soaks down towards the ends of the jacket which is real cool.
The shoulders will be relatively dry, just e ends of the sleeves are

Well I can't think of much else to type about, I enjoyed the pictures,
looks like Madelyn and Eric had an awesome party, especially with the
Candy Cannon. The picture of Daisy and jelly was cute as well. The the
cake was cool also!

Do take care. Love you all so much!

-Love Elder Ward

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