Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 3, 2014 - Miracles and More...

So I am still in the Mt. Albert Area. I was a bit bummed. I was
looking forwards to seeing more of New Zealand. However I have no room
to complain when Elder Rogers will have been in this area for 6
months! That is not what missionary work is about however. It is not
about seeing the sites up North that the Missionaries talk about. I am
glad that I get to stay, we have some wonderful people to work with.
It does get a bit old seeing the same area over and over again. It is
tough though, we have seen everyone in the area book, and we have gone
through the Ward list. It feels as if we know just about everyone that
lives here in the Mt. Albert area at times! What do we do? Well we
look for the elect, those who are ready, find new people, talk with
everyone on the streets and continue to help those that we have talked
with in the past! That simple. I consider this area like a refining
area. Now is when we need to really on exact obedience and the spirit
to accomplish what the Lords wants us to get done in the Mt Albert

Howard, we had a lesson with him last Monday in the evening after our
P-day. It was so cool. We sat down with him and started talking more
about church. He has all ready attended once, and this is our first
time that we have had to sit and teach him. We started off with first
talking about how his weeks have been. Howard explained that he had
been feeling great inside ever since he went to church. He felt good
inside, happy, and that things just seemed to go better. He said he
felt better at work and that a miracles happened at work so he could
continue to support his daughter. Elder Rogers and I taught him that
this feeling was the holy Ghost helping him know that this Gospel will
be what brings him joy in this life and the life to come. He asked us
"What is your end goal for me?" That is not a question that we here to
often as missionaries. It is probably the first time that I have heard
it on my mission! We didn't hold back anything, we explained to him
that we wanted him to prepare to be baptized and make a covenant with
God, so that he may return to live with him. Then we talked a bit
about the temples and how we can be sealed for all time and eternity.
We got all the cats out of the bag, he wanted to know about the word
of wisdom, we explained a bit about that to help him understand
better, we talked about the law of Chasity, and the arrangements he is
going to have to make with his partner so he can be baptized (they
must be married). We then taught him of the restoration (he had
actually been watching the Restoration DVD fell a sleep though part
way through it he said) he loved it and committed him to read from the
Book of Mormon of course. He unfortunately didn't make it to church
this Sunday. His father was in the hospital, however we are going to
be teaching him again later today. It really is a privilege to teach
him, and I do pray that we can teach him with the spirit always and
help come closer to his Father in Heaven. Certainly a miracle on the

FA is doing well. He is still working on the word of wisdom and is
planning for a baptism on the 23 of August. We still have to work out
details on his baptism. He came to church yesterday and we talked
about how he gain additional strength to resist the temptations he has
to face daily.

We also met another Lady named Tally. She is a wonderful Samoan woman
that has 3 children 12, 7, and about 3. Elder Rogers actually spoke
with her on the street and she expressed a desire to learn a bit about
our church. She is very humble, and very teachable, Her husband Otto
is not to keen. They actually have a bit of a strained relationship at
the moment. They often disagree on many things, but that is what the
gospel is here to to do! Unite Families and bless them. There children
are wonderful they actually sing the hymns when we start with a song,
they are very kind and loving. We have referred them to the Samoan
Sister because we think that they may be able to communicate better
with Tally. We will be following up though.

Caroline unfortunately didn't make it to church this week. We are
still working with her. She is very busy with family and what not.

Kylee unfortunately is no longer progressing. She has really lost her
swing. We had a ride set up for her to come to church and everything
however, she flaked on us and said that she needed to go to work. She
has been having a tough time lately. We as missionaries will continue
to help her though and extend that arm out to her.

We have many other keen investigators that want to be taught. It is
amazing the potential the area has. We have 2 who are potential
Baptisms as well. I think I have mentioned them in Previous e-mails
home. Tarea and Lee. They are very interested, however, they are very
busy, well Lee is actually quite sick, and Tarea has her hands full
with a new born child! We will be keeping tabs on her.

Sorry the e-mail wasn't to long. I wish I could just strap a camera to
my fore head and then you guys could watch everything that happens.
Seriously, I can't even get all that I would like into my journal. but
thanks for your e-mails Eric and Madelyn glad things are going well
for you.

Thanks for the package as well, I do look forwards to it. I still have
one of the hickory farms. I meant to eat it when my 1/4 mark came but
I forgot to. I think I will soon though. Got to make room for more to
come :D haha. I will look into sending some letters home. I have
actually bought some stamps for letters I just haven't been able to
write any. I need to though, I will look into maybe sending some
souvenirs as well, kinda like the chocolate. Maybe something that will
last a bit longer rather than chocolate.

Love you all I am doing well,

Elder Ward

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