Sunday, August 24, 2014

July 27, 2014 - Some Good Things For Sure!

I have to say this week was pretty good. We got off on a good foot
this week and had some good lessons. We had some good finding
experiences as well. Elder Rogers and I were very diligent with
talking to all that we could. One miracle we had was coming in contact
with a lady named Vai that wanted to be baptized when she was a young
girl. However her Family was staunch Catholic and would not let her.
She was attending seminary with her cousins and really got that fire
inside of her. She told us that she was pretty devastated. But now she
is older and still likes to wave to the missionaries and say hello.
Just before we met Elder Rogers and I where walking along the side
walk and heard a horn toot and a "Hello Elders!" as she pulled into
her drive way. We quickly resolved that we needed to go see her
because as far as we knew she was not a member and we knew nor and
investigator. We walked down the long driveway to see how she was
doing (*here in central Auckland they build houses on what was be
older houses back yard, then pave a long driveway around the front
house. Sometimes there are 3 houses behind one house), she was a bit
surprised that we followed her down and was we started a quick
discussion with her and got to know her. She asked if she could have a
Book of Mormon and we gladly got her one and then talked about future
visits. She was happy to have us come back and wanted to get into it
again. We are looking forwards to it for sure!

Fa is doing well, we have taught him a bit more about tithing,
fasting, and the commandments. He really loves the lessons that we
teach and enjoys learning about the gospel. We are still working out
the details for his baptism. He doesn't live in our area, so other
Elders are really suppose to be baptizing him, but we will see. Once
he comes to church again(he has heaps of work), and is completely good
with the Word of Wisdom he can be baptized! He is excited and the
Tuau'ho Family is doing a wonderful job of fellow shipping him.

We taught a Lady named Caroline this week. She has been faithful with
coming to the Chapel for lessons. She is interested in learning,
however we don't really know if she is seeking to be baptized really.
We taught her the restoration, and she seemed to really like it. It is
one of the most important lessons that we can teach as missionaries.
It really helps the investigators with understanding how important the
Book of Mormon is to knowing if Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God. She
certainly wants to learn more. We gave her a chapel tour the week
before and she really enjoyed that. First time that I have been able
to give one on the mission. But we are working towards her
understanding why it would be important to be baptized. She is a great
learner though we love to teach her!

So Howard.. It has been tough getting in touch with him. Yesterday
after church we decided that we would go visit with him and see if he
was home. He came to the door and asked "I was wondering when you guys
where" We explained we where busy and we sent a text to his
partner(who is less active), and he just wasn't home. But he is still
very keen to learn. He said that he went out and purchased some dress
pants even for church! I was a bit shocked, so was Elder Rogers, but
we set up a time to see him today, and at a members home. He is good
friends with a young man named Lenny, a member of the church. Howard
grew up with with in school so they are good mates. We had dinner at
Lenny Tonga's home right after we met with Howard, and Lenny actually
saw him at a mates party not to long ago. Howard was telling Lenny all
about how he felt after going to church and how he feels around Lenny,
and how things have been just going really good with life and just
feeling really great inside. The spirit must be working with him a
lot! He is doing awesome. Such a privileged to witness such amazing

This week we had several Less-Actives come back to church. Sister
Poloie, Sister Hoskins, and Sister and Brother Clayton. Elder Rogers
and I have been visiting them consistently for much of the transfer.
Always uplifting them and teaching there families. There was a bit of
a buzz in he Ward about it. We didn't have any investigators attend
though so that was a bit of a bummer. but still though baptized or not
baptized, a soul's worth is great in the eyes of God!There is so much
that happens in the week, there really isn't enough time to write
about everything that happens!

Transfers is this week and we don't know whats going to happen till
Wednesday. Elder Rogers and I have done really well with helping one
another improve as missionaries. Everything form being Exactly
Obedient to teaching people with the spirit. We have been able to turn
from not having very many investigators in the Mt. Albert area to
expanding the teaching pool quite a bit! It has been a faith building
experience. I am loving the mission. I can't really see myself coming
home... Don't like to think about it to much. Doesn't really feel like
the mission is going to end. I have lots to look forwards to though!
and do want to see my family again of course. Don't want you guys to
take it the wrong way!

Glad Stuarts Eagle project is getting closer to being finished and
completed. It is a bit unfortunate that it was a bit rough. Hopefully
things turn out real well and there will be much to look back on that
will be positive!

Sorry about there being not pictures... My USB's are still bugged. I
think I am going to have to take it to a member to get worked out
during lunch or something. Pictures will come!

Take care love you all back at home. Tell Grandpa I love him. I
haven't been writing him because, well I don't have an address that I
know I can get him at. If you guys could work that out that would be

Elder Ward

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