Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 17, 2014

This week was a bit tougher than usual, we had a pretty hard time
contacting many of the people that are interested. I don't know what
the deal is. We go knock , we text and they just don't seem to exist
at times! Investigators progressing wise... Not so much happened.
Caroline has been feeling a lot of the pressure form her family fall
upon here. They have been saying that she needs to stop seeing us.
Elder Rogers and I where a bit disappointed when she said that. We
talked with her at her door step a little while discussing the
challenges that she may face if she continues to investigate the
church. She her self feels the desire to know if what we have shared
with her is true. She wants to more and sincerely keen to know more
about Joesph Smith. We encouraged er to read and pray, and to
understand that the division that she makes, may or may not help her
come closer to the Savior. We will have to see how it works out, we
are hoping that we will get a chance to teach her at the chapel this
week once again to help her better understand. We are praying as well
that the pressure of the family on her may change and work out for the
better. Never know now may simply not be the time. Some hearts may
need to be softened and some work needs to be done.

We also got in touch with Howard again. He had a bit of a party night
(He saw the laughing Samoans, I have been told to look them up on
Youtube, but of course I cannot. So maybe you guys can and tell me
what you thing of Pacific Islander Comedy. Don't know if it's clean
though) so he was unable to come to church although it was at 1pm. :\
All well we are planning on meeting and teaching him this evening at a
members home(The Tonga's). The Tonga family is a wonderful family.
They love having the missionaries over for dinner and we certainly
enjoy being with them. They have a daughter on a mission right now who
will be coming home very soon and everyone in the ward is going crazy
about it. Apparently she is a really wonderful person. Lots of people
should be coming to church and hopefully some of our investigators
will be able to come and enjoy the meeting as well. Anyways we are
really hoping for and awesome spiritual lesson. Howard has said that
he has been feeling good ever since he started going to church, and
that he has seen blessings come into his life from it. SO we are

Fa is going to baptized in our area! After a bit of leadership
decision making it was decided that he may be better off getting
baptized in our area. So we are excited, he has been really diligent
with reading his scriptures and looking for strength in them. He is
working hard to over come the word of wisdom. The challenge has been
smoking he is still floating around one a day now, so we are working
hard to get him just STOP. We often text him encouraging scriptures of
strength, he says that he really likes them and enjoys them. We are
happy for him. It still doesn't seem to real for me to be honest. So
things have been pretty good on that part. Another concern though is
that he is having issues with attending church because of work. He can
only come 1 every month so that has been a challenge for him. The
promise at Baptism is to be at church every Sunday, and that we will
do what we can to avoid working on Sunday. So we are probably going to
discuss that with him this coming week. Church is so important,
because it continues to build our faith, and partaking the sacrament
is a very important reminder of or covenants that we have made. If we
make it a priority to fix now it will not be as hard to fix down the
road because he is no longer going to church because of work. But he
is really doing awesome, such a privilege to work with him.

Last night we had an opportunity to go into Brother Hildalgos home.
The Hildalgo Family is wonderful. They have been sealed in the Temple,
and are storng in the faith. However Brother Hildalgo has not been to
church in quite along time due to work being such a priority. He
invited us in and we said that we would just be about 15min. It was
just him and his daughter at home Sister Hildalgo and the other
daughter where at a Young Womens and Relief Society Activity. WE sat
down and started reading form Alma 32, all about faith and nourishing
it. Brother Hildalgo explained to us that the family was a bit
financially strained and that work was very competitive as well
considering that he works with and technician for making glasses
lenses. I think he felt like we where being a bit harsh against him
for not coming to church which was not the direction that we wanted to
take it in. But we explained to him that we understand, all we wanted
to encourage him to do was read the scriptures with his family for
just a short little bit, as well as listen to them on his phone as he
drives to work. He said he would do it. At the end we ended with a
pray, he asked me to say a prayer, I stood up but then felt like we
should kneel together. I asked if that would be appropriate and he
said that would be fine. I am sure that was the spirit. I don't really
know if it made a difference, or what but I feel as if I had followed
a prompting to make it a more meaningful experience for him and his
daughter. We will be keeping in touch with the family and hopefully
reading the scriptures may soften some hearts, as we feel that it may
not just be about work.

So that's about it for the week. I got some pictures ready to send to
you guys. Figured out some stuff with all the bugs and what not. I got
a picture of the letter that took a little while to get hear (the half
year one) I really enjoyed that letter. I will be sure to write you
guys so you to can enjoy them as well. Thanks for the wonderful
e-mails. It was great hearing about all the things that happened! I
love the pictures. The bowling alley one was good because I got to see
how much Eric and Madelyn have grown!... as well as Stuart.....
anyways I think I have probably grown a bit as well ....have to see
when I get back. Glad the Eagle Project worked out as well it looks
really good. Hope that it works out well. And Jelly looks like a
really cute bird. I think the name is perfect for him and I think its
unique but still very discriptive. I look forwards to meeting him when
I come home, when that happens when its suppose to not really happen.

So there is a picture of a pizza!, Guess what is on it? Kangaroo!
Tasted pretty good. But I can now say that I have eaten Kangaroo! It's
probably like beef or something like that it unique for sure. And you
got a picture of what Elder Rogers and I look like when we study,
thought that may a be a good picture. You also got a picture of Pak in
Save, where we shop to get groceries. Pretty much a supper market. And
then of course you got us Elders in a car. They are in our District.
Elders Christmas form Canadia, and Elder Hatch for Idaho. We where
driving to one tree hill because some Elders and Sisters haven\t had a
chance to go. Oh we lost the car as well so we are on bikes now! :D A
seniors couple needs it, so no more car:D

Do take care love you all I am doing very well!

-Love Elder Ward

Sorry some of them failed to send next week for sure! :(

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